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Steamboat Willie (Disney)

An old-fashioned Mickey

Like the film which is in black and white, this figurine has been represented entirely in black and white and some shades of gray. He wears his usual little button shorts with big shoes but these are white on his black body. At the level of the head, we find his big black ears and he wears a typical hat for the occasion. Finally, he is of course represented with the boat’s helm in his hands.


The first appearance of Mickey

Steamboat Willie is in fact the first official appearance of the name Mickey Mouse in the Disney universe although it is in fact his third short film. It was also the first to have a soundtrack. Mickey finds himself a sailor on a steamboat where the captain gives him boring tasks like mopping the floor, even though he was initially in charge. During the boat ride Minnie and a lot of animals get on board and they all sing and play music using objects and all the animals present. A piece of this short film is used as an intro to all Disney cartoons today.


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