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Little Whirlwind Mickey (Disney)

An Elegant Mickey

In this short film, Mickey wears an outfit that is a little different from his usual and a little more elegant. He wears long blue overalls with big white shoes with red polka dots and white gloves. At the level of the head, we find of course his small black muzzle as well as his two big round ears between which are put a yellow hat with a red ribbon.


A not very cooperative whirlwind

In one of the many short films featuring the famous little mouse from the Disney studios, Mickey passes by Minnie’s house who is making a cake. She promises him a slice if he picks the flowers in her garden. But things get complicated when a young anthropomorphic tornado decides to come and bother Mickey, making a mess of his piles of leaves and finally sending him flying into Minnie’s fountain. When Minnie discovers the mess in her garden, she sends the slice of cake to Mickey’s head.


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