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Alice with flowers (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

Living Flowers

For this deluxe figurine, Alice is shown at that moment in the forest when she crosses the path of those living flowers. The base represents the brown forest floor and Alice is surrounded by six flowers, three on each side of different sizes. One is dark pink, one light pink, one orange, one yellow, one blue and the last one pink and purple. Their green stems and leaves form their bodies and arms and the flower is the face. All are rather smiling. Alice is wearing her usual white apron over a blue dress and stands with her hands in front of her and her head bent in a hesitant attitude. Her blond hair is pulled back in a black bow.


A strange world

Alice is the young heroine of the animated film Alice in Wonderland from the Disney studios, obviously inspired by the famous novel by the Englishman Lewis Carroll. Alice is bored listening to the reading of a book without a picture when she falls asleep in the garden of her bourgeois house. Then she sees a very elegant white rabbit running around saying that he is late. She follows him down the rabbit hole and falls for many minutes before finding herself in a strange world where nothing seems to make sense. If Alice was dreaming of less boring moments, very quickly she wants only one thing, to go home or at least to find this famous white rabbit. But nobody is of much help in this strange world. Between the mad hatter who invites her to her birthday party, the cat who points her in all directions at once, and the flowers she meets in the forest that are friendly at first before becoming hostile, it seems that Alice is not ready to go home.


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