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Angry Pikachu (Pokemon)

An angry Pikachu

Funko has depicted Pikachu with an angry look on his face for this new version of the character. He stands on his four legs, ready to attack. We can see his little yellow body with short legs. On the head, we find his round face with an angry look and his red cheeks instead of pink. He has large pointed ears with black tips and a tail in the shape of lightning also with black tips, which serves as a lightning rod.


The pokemon mascot

Pikachu is one of the most famous pokemon of the famous Nintendo franchise. He is the mascot of the game as well as of the Rocket team in the cartoon and he is also considered as one of the main mascots of the Nintendo firm with Mario. Pikachu is a first generation electrik pok?mon. He is the evolution of Pichu when he is happy enough and can evolve into Raichu when he is put in contact with a lightning stone. All his talents are related to electricity. For example, he can make all electricity attacks hit their target during a fight and he can make all contact attacks against him send an electric shock to the opponent. Between them, pikachu sometimes communicate with their tails, which send out shocks. Their glands are charged with electricity, so they must recharge regularly to avoid any incident.


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