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Anna Nightgown (Frozen 2)

The Calm Before the Storm

Anna is shown here wearing the nightgown she wears during the quiet evening with her family. It is a long green nightgown with a high waist and a pink bow under the chest. As always with Anna, we find plant motifs, strands of wheat and flowers. On the face, we find her cheeks decorated with freckles and her red hair tied in two braids on the sides of her face.


Family Night

At the beginning of Frozen 2, Anna’s life couldn’t be more perfect. Her sister has returned and is a beloved queen to her people, she is surrounded by her friends and she is in true love with her boyfriend Kristoff. But one night, after a night of board games with her family, Elsa feels a little strange. During the night, she hears a strange voice calling her and when she follows it, it awakens the spirits of the nearby forest that has been asleep for years. With Arendelle in danger, the two sisters must set out to follow the voice in order to understand what has happened in this forest and with the people who live there. This may also provide answers about the death of their parents as well as Elsa’s powers.


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