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Olaf Diamond (Frozen 2)

A brilliant snowman

Olaf is represented here in a diamond version, that is to say covered with a glitter paint. We find his body composed of several snowballs and a larger and oblong for the head. His arms are tree branches and he has black buttons and snowflakes drawn on his body. On the head, we find his eternal big smile, his nose in the shape of a carrot and his big black eyes. We also find some small branches on the top of his head like hair.


A loyal friend

Olaf is one of the main characters in the Disney Frozen 2 cartoon. In the first installment of the series, Olaf is a snowman and was created by Elsa’s magical powers as a child and brought back to life when she fled to the mountains. He helped her sister Anna to find her and became a loyal friend, Elsa even created a personal snow cloud for him so that he would not melt in the summer. In the second film, Elsa has accepted her role as queen with the help of her sister and friends, but she is haunted by strange dreams. Unwittingly, she awakens the spirits of the nearby forest who threaten to destroy Arendelle. She decides to embark on a quest to appease these spirits and understand what they are, but also to understand her own powers and origins. Of course, Olaf will accompany her and will find himself risking his life for her once again.


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