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Figurines Pop Olaf with kitten (Olaf?s frozen adventure)

An adorable figurine

We find the specific shape of this little snowman. His body is made of a round snowball and two smaller ones for the feet. His head is shaped like a big elongated snowball with big black eyes, a mouth open in a wide smile and of course a carrot to mark his nose. For the occasion, he also wears a big blue woolen hat whose details are very nicely represented. Finally, he holds in his arms represented with tree branches two adorable little kittens that are reminiscent of the look of the little cats of the Pets collection from Funko.


Olaf becomes the hero

Olaf is one of the heroes of the Disney Studios short film Olaf’s frozen adventure. First appearing in the animated film Frozen (The Snow Queen), Olaf is a living snowman magically created by Princess Elsa of Arendelle for her little sister Anna when they were children. Later, when Elsa loses control of her powers after her coronation, she flees into the mountains. Anna runs after her and crosses paths with Kristoff and Sven, an ice cream man and his reindeer, and Olaf. The three of them will help her find her sister. Olaf is a fun character and always very positive and enthusiastic. He will also appear in the first Frozen Fever short where Elsa tries to organize her sister’s birthday despite her cold, but for this new short, Olaf is the star. When Anna and Elsa realize that they don’t really have a Christmas tradition, Olaf will decide to create one and will recruit Olaf the reindeer to help him.


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