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The Water Nokk (Frozen 2)

A majestic creature

Funko has created a super-sized version of the water nook for this mystical creature. The water horse is represented with a light blue plastic and standing upright on his hind legs. His tail and mane are long and their movement ends in a wave, adding dynamism and great movement to the figure.


A guardian

The Water Nokk is a mystical creature that we discover in the second opus of Frozen, the famous Disney cartoon inspired very freely by Andersen’s tale The Snow Queen. While everything was back to normal in Arendelle, Elsa being a queen loved by her subjects and using her powers in a totally controlled way, she starts to have strange dreams and to hear voices. These make her lose control and the elves advise her to follow them to find the answers to her questions. This will lead her to strange stones in the forest hiding the passage to a hidden living people. But she will also cross paths with creatures such as the water nokk, a water spirit in the form of a horse who uses the ocean to protect the mysteries of the forest.


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