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Elsa Dress (Frozen 2)

A new color in her wardrobe

For this exclusive figurine, Elsa is represented with one of the other dresses we see her wearing in the cartoon. While the dress she wears the longest is an ice blue with a slight gradient towards purple, this one is completely purple and shows an evolution of the character. This one is long and slightly flared with long sleeves, a slightly darker belt and uncovered shoulders. On top, it has three diamond patterns like gems and on the bottom geometric patterns reminiscent of snow and ice. She also wears an elegant silver necklace and finally, in terms of hair, her light blonde hair is always styled in a long braid.


A short-lived tranquility

Elsa is the new queen of the kingdom of Arendelle in the animated film Frozen 2 from Disney Studios. Elsa had grown up hiding her magic after unwittingly injuring her sister Anna with it, but when she was to be crowned queen at age 18, she lost control of her powers and caused a blizzard like no other in Arendelle and fled to the mountains. Anna managed to convince her to return and together they figured out how she could control her power over ice. At the beginning of the second movie, Elsa is a queen very much loved by her people but she starts to have strange dreams and hear voices that push her to follow them and make her lose control again. The trolls advise her to follow the voices to find the solution. Accompanied by Anna and her fianc? Kristoff, they lead her to strange stones that are a passageway to a magical people that Elsa thought was a legend.


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