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Young Elsa (Frozen 2)

A future queen

Funko has portrayed Elsa as a child in this new version of Elsa, just like in the scenes of her parents’ memories. She wears a long blue nightgown tending to turquoise with half-length sleeves. It has a pink bow under the chest and just above the pink stylized flower patterns as well as others on the bottom. She also wears small matching slippers. At the head level, she is already wearing her hair in a long braid as well as a headband that matches her dress and you can see that her expression is a bit worried.


Childhood memories

Elsa is one of the heroines of Disney’s Frozen 2, following the very popular first opus inspired very freely by Andersen’s tale The Snow Queen. Back in Arendelle with full control of her powers, Elsa has become queen and is getting along just fine with her sister Anna and her fianc? Kristoff. But Elsa begins to hear voices and have dreams where she remembers stories their parents told them as children about a mysterious people living far to the north. The voices become more and more insistent and Elsa starts to lose control of her powers again. The trolls advise her to follow them, hoping that this will give her the answers she is looking for so that she can once again control her powers but also develop them.


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