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Elsa with Salamander (Frozen 2)

A new friend

Elsa is shown here wearing her traveling outfit and holding the little salamander she met on her journey through the forest, which, like her, hears the call of the spirits. The salamander tends to overheat easily and therefore particularly appreciates Elsa’s ice magic, which is why she is shown sticking out her tongue to catch a flake. Elsa wears an elegant blue dress open on a white underdress and a cape of a lighter blue on the shoulders. On her blue boots, we find snowflakes and on the bottom of her dress geometric patterns reminiscent of ice fractals. Finally, her blond hair is as always brought back in a long braid.


One call

The Snow Queen 2 movie picks up shortly after the first movie. Elsa has gotten used to her role as queen and all is well in Arendelle. But then she starts to hear a magical voice calling her. Being drawn in, she recalls a part of their family history: a conflict between her grandfather and the neighboring people living in the magic forest, even though their people had been friendly until then. The conflict had ended with the disappearance of the people in question and a thick fog hiding the forest from the rest of the world. By answering the call, Elsa awakens the spirits of the forest. She must then follow the call to try to understand what happened and bring the forest back to life before the spirits destroy Arendelle. Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf will accompany her on this perilous journey.


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