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upside down Olaf (La Reine Des Neiges)

Olaf upside down

For this new version of Olaf, Funko has represented him with his head upside down like when he falls off the cliff in the movie and reassembles himself a little crooked. We find his simple body composed of two balls for the body, two smaller for the legs and two tree branches for the arms. His head on the other hand is placed upside down, his smiling mouth up and his two eyes down. The figure is as adorable as the character itself and will of course be matched with the Anna and Elsa figures.


An adorable companion

Olaf is the magical snowman created by Elsa in the cartoon The Snow Queen The young princess Elsa of Arendelle has the power to control ice and has always used it to play with her younger sister Anna until the day she accidentally hurt her. The trolls had to remove the memories of her magic from her sister’s memory and she lived a reclusive life in fear of hurting her again. After their parents died and Elsa came of age, she was crowned queen. But an argument at the ceremony caused her to lose control of her powers and she fled to the mountains in an ice castle she created herself. Along with the castle, she recreates a snowman that she had created for her sister when they were children and this time she brings it to life. Olaf then goes to help his sister Anna find it. He’s an adorable and warm character who, despite being a snowman, dreams of seeing summer and sunshine.


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