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Young Anna (Frozen 2)

An adorable little girl

Anna is shown here as a little girl, in the scene set in the past when their parents were still alive. She is wearing a long green nightgown with elegant patterns reminiscent of the style of her daytime clothes. There are stylized flowers on the collar and geometric patterns on the bottom. There is a small pink bow under the chest and balloon sleeves. At the head level, we find her cheeks studded with freckles and her red hair is styled in two braids and we can see the white streak left by the involuntary magic wound of her sister.


Memories that resurface

Anna is one of the two heir sisters of the kingdom of Arendelle in the cartoon Frozen (The Snow Queen) and its sequel Frozen 2. In the first movie, Elsa, her sister, lost control of her hidden powers for years, at the time of her coronation. Anna went looking for her in the mountains, meeting Olaf, a magical snowman and Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. After many adventures, they returned to Arendelle and, having finally learned to use her powers, Elsa became queen and Kristoff decided to stay in the palace, having fallen in love with Anna. In the second film, Elsa begins to hear more and more insistent voices that make her lose control of her powers again. This seems to be related to the stories about a magical people hidden somewhere in the north that their parents told them when the two sisters were little girls. Together and with the help of their friends, the two sisters will have to go on another adventure to keep the kingdom safe.


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