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Apprentice Mickey (Fantasia)

A superb figurine

As in the cartoon, Mickey is represented here with a long red wizard’s dress over his usual shorts which are blue here. Of course, he still has his big shoes and his white gloves. In each hand, he holds a wooden bucket from which water overflows nicely represented with a transparent blue plastic. Finally, as usual, he is represented with this heart shape on his forehead and big round ears.


Mickey’s first feature film

In 1940, Mickey appeared in a feature film for the first time. In Fantasia, Mickey was apprenticed to the magician Yen Sid, who only entrusted him with basic tasks like cleaning. But when the magician retires to his room to sleep, Mickey decides to try to enchant the broom to do his chores for him. This works well and, satisfied, Mickey falls asleep. Of course the broom doesn’t stop by itself and when Mickey wakes up, it’s chaos in the wizard’s house with water overflowing everywhere.


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