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Baby (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

A funny little girl

Baby is an animatronic inspired by the circus world dressed as a clown. She has red hair with two pigtails and shoes with bells on the end. Her body is gray with a red skirt and a red top. In her hand, she holds a microphone with a red handle. On her face, she has red cheeks and eyes with big lashes.

A friendly animatronic

Baby is one of the important characters in the fifth installment of the Five Nights At Freddy’s video game series, Sister Location. She is one of the only animatronics being friendly since she was programmed to help the main character. Indeed, in this episode, the player still plays a night watchman but in a storage and programming warehouse of animatronics rented to animate children’s birthdays that were originally made to animate a pizzeria looking very much like the one in the first games. Baby (or Circus Baby by its full name) will help the player survive the five nights and perform the tasks given to him (fixing things, bringing back the light, etc…)


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