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Ella (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

A pretty doll

Unlike other toys, Ella is in pretty good shape. She is still attached to her circuit as you can see by the wheels at her feet. She wears a small blue dress with a pink bow around the waist and sleeves and holds a cup of tea and a plate. On the face, we find her pink cheeks and the mechanism allowing her to open her mouth. Her hair is red and curly and she wears a kind of blue and pink headband around her head giving her a very retro side. Despite her good general condition, we can see that her face and her dress are cracked in places.

One of the forgotten toys

Ella was one of the animatronic toys created by Henry for his daughter Charlie in the books inspired by the horror video game universe Five Nights At Freddy’s. Ella was, like the other toys, set on a track that she could move around on. Ella was stored in a sort of small closet that she would come out of when Charlie moved the casters on his bed and brought a plate and cup to a tea party. She was left behind with the other toys when Henry committed suicide and Charlie left town with his aunt. We see her again ten years later and she is one of the most intact animatronics since she was left in her closet.


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