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Twisted Wolf (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

Half wolf, half animatronic

Twisted Wolf seems to be a mix between a real wolf and an animatronic. He is gray and stands on his powerful hind legs with impressive claws. His mouth is wide open with a big, disturbing smile. Its eyes are of an unearthly blue and on the left side of its body, we can see its mechanical exoskeleton where its body seems very damaged, at the level of the legs, the eye and the torso.

A terrifying creature

Twisted Wolf is a creature appearing in the novel Five Nights At Freddy’s, The Twisted Ones, based on the famous video game Five Nights at Freddy’s in which the player is a night watchman having to escape from animatronics whose programming causes them to attack. He is one of four animatronics modified for William Afton to find and kill Charlotte Emily, the heroine of the novels and daughter of the original creator of the animatronics, who died years earlier when Charlie was a child. As he was about to attack Charlotte, Twisted Wolf was attacked by the animatronic Foxy and torn apart.


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