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Nightmare Freddy (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

A real nightmare

Freddy is thus represented in a nightmarish version with his brown bear costume half torn off or melted, revealing his metallic exoskeleton, especially on his hands or stomach. At the level of the muzzle, his teeth usually white and square are here metallic and pointed. Finally, his eyes are red here and stand out a lot from his face but we still find his bow tie and his top hat.

The most terrifying version of Freddy

Nightmare Freddy is one of the main antagonists of the video game Five Nights At Freddy’s 4. While the first three opuses took place at night in the famous Freddy FazBear Pizzeria where the goal was to survive the animatronics left in the wild, the action takes place here in a little boy’s room and the animatronics are part of the boy’s nightmares. Indeed, it would be a little boy who fell into a coma after his brother put his head between the jaws of the animatronic Freddy. This explains his nightmares and the fact that, usually joyful and friendly (at least during the day), Freddy is here terrifying, aggressive and with a strongly modified appearance.


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