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Twisted Chica (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

Unforgettable physique

As in the basic version of the character, Chica is a yellow chicken, but in this version she is also composed of organic parts, as appears to be the case on her four orange clawed talons. Her skin is covered with numerous warts and she has several growths with sharp-toothed mouths. Finally, her famous Cupcake is here a growth on her face, bearing a sharp set of teeth.

A Horrible Hen

Twisted Chica is a version of the animatronic Chica from the video games Five Nights At Freddy’s. This particular version is only described in The Twisted Ones, one of the novels inspired by the video games. In this book, Charlie, the daughter of the creator of the animatronics, and after what happened in the pizzeria, is haunted by horrific nightmares where she sees even more distorted and horrific versions of the already nightmarish versions seen in the fourth installment of the games taking place in the dreams of a comatose little boy.


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