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Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

An elegant man

Barney is of course represented here wearing one of his famous suits. This is a dark gray suit worn with black shoes and a thin gray tie with dark gray stripes. He is standing with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a glass of whiskey. He has blond hair styled rather short and his face is represented in a rather simple way.

A flirt with a big heart

Barney is one of the main characters of the cult series of the years 2000/2010 How I Met Your Mother. Barney is a character who at first glance is rather caricatured but he is in fact more complex than he seems. He works in a big bank but throughout the series, we never get to know what his job really is, only that he earns a lot of money. He is Ted’s self-proclaimed best friend since he met him in a bar a few years ago. He’s a man who has a string of one-night stands until he falls in love with Robin towards the end of the series. He also has a passion for suits, convinced that it is the secret of success and is almost never seen without wearing one.


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