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Batman VS The Joker (Batman 1989)

A fatal fall

For this superb movie moment, Funko has represented Batman and the Joker on top of the cathedral during their last fight. The base represents the gray stones of the cathedral with a gargoyle statue on the right side. The Joker is dressed in his purple suit and purple and turquoise checkered pants. He is balanced on the ledge with his head back and his glasses askew. Batman is standing with his fist still raised and his black cape flying behind him. He is wearing his all black costume with a gold belt and the yellow Batman logo on his chest. At the head level, he wears his mask revealing only his mouth and some traces of blood.


A deadly fight

Batman and the Joker are respectively the hero and the main antagonist of the Batman movie released in 1989 and adapted from the famous Batman comics. Batman, whose real name is Bruce Wayne, is a billionaire genius living in a large mansion. With the help of his butler, he has created all sorts of vehicles and gadgets to go out at night to fight crime in his famous bat-inspired superhero outfit. The Joker, whose real name is Jack Nappier, is a criminal working for a mob boss who set him up and sold him to Batman because he was sleeping with his wife. In their first confrontation, Batman drops him into a vat of acid and thinks he’s dead. In fact, he gets out but it drives him crazy and stares him down. He then sets about wreaking havoc on the city, also trying to do the most damage to Batman at all costs. They confront each other again when the Joker kidnaps Vicki Vale, a journalist Bruce Wayne was in love with, and takes her to the roof of the city’s cathedral. As the Joker is about to escape in his helicopter, Batman grabs his foot and the Joker falls and crashes dozens of meters below.


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