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Harley Quinn Black Mask Club (Birds of Prey)

A complicated breakup

Harley is portrayed here as we see her in the scene where she goes to Black Mask’s club to drink and party to forget her breakup with the Joker. She is wearing white, red and blue striped pants with a short matching top with stars on the chest. She also wears white boots and a long silver jacket. Her complexion is pale and her blonde hair with blue and red tips is tied in a sloppy bun. She has a heart drawn under her right eye and pink eyeshadow. Finally, she holds a cocktail in her right hand.


A tumultuous life

Harley Quinn is the heroine of the film Birds Of Prey, the first film devoted entirely to her character and inspired by the comics Rebirth. Harley Quinn has separated from the Joker and is trying to live a more normal life. Unfortunately, the news of her separation is quickly known by everyone and some will be tempted to take revenge for things she did when she was under the Joker’s protection. It is in particular the case of Roman Sionis who tries to kidnap her when she comes to have fun in his club. In order to get out of this situation, she proposes to find a young girl for him. But she gets attached to her and decides instead to protect her. Fortunately, she will get help.


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