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Figurines Pop Beach Joker et Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

A Funny Couple

For this exclusive Hot Topic pack, Funko was inspired by the cover of the Futures End comic and more precisely by Vol. 11. We find his white skin, his green hair and his wide smile but this time he wears Bermuda shorts, a floral shirt and blue flip-flops. Harley Quinn is represented in a red and black bikini, the colors she never leaves, and she holds a harpoon in her right hand. Her blond hair is as usual tied in two pigtails on the sides.


Villains at the beach

The Joker is one of Batman’s most famous enemies in the comics, movies and various animated and live-action series. The Joker is a dangerous mental patient who has no other goal than to cause chaos for his own personal amusement and usually with a certain amount of humor. His skin is white and his lips are red and deformed after a fall into a vat of acid. Harley Quinn was his psychiatrist at the Gotham City asylum but she ended up falling in love with him. She decided to help him escape and join him. She’s not especially motivated by crime, just wanting to have fun, but she’ll always follow the Joker around.


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