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Wonder Woman with String Light Lasso (DC Comics)

A hell of a Mrs. Claus

Funko has depicted Wonder Woman here as a sort of Mrs. Claus for their Holiday action figure collection. She wears the classic version of her famous costume, a sort of strapless leotard in the colors of the American flag with a golden eagle on the chest, and her famous red boots. But she also wears a long red cape bordered with white fur, whose hood lets only a few strands of her black hair and her golden tiara on the forehead. In her hands, she holds her lasso of truth which is here a multicolored luminous garland that she holds as if she was about to trap someone with it.


A mythical heroine

Wonder Woman is one of the most famous heroines of the DC Comics universe. Her real name is Diana and she is the last Amazon created, according to the versions, by Zeus himself or by her mother, to fight the god of war Ares. She is therefore a semi-divine and immortal creature. She is very fast, powerful, almost indestructible and a formidable warrior trained by her mother and the last Amazons on the mythical island of Themyscira. The character was created during the Second World War to fight the Nazis. Being immortal, she will be found in different periods of history, often in times of conflict or war such as World War I before finding her in the modern world when she joins the Justice League of Batman and Superman. In addition to her innate strength and powers, she is known for her many tools and weapons such as the power bracelets or the lasso of truth.


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