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Batman Red Rain (Batman)

A terrifying version of Batman

For this rather terrifying version of Batman, Funko has represented him with his vampire form. He’s wearing his usual gray suit with black boots and a yellow belt, but on the face, you can see under his mask that his face is green and his mouth is open to an impressive set of teeth, including very sharp canines. His mouth is also dripping with blood. His bat ears are also more pointed and his eyes are red. Finally, her cape is more voluminous and covering than usual and her hands are in a typical Dracula pause.


A bloody comic

Batman is the hero of many comics offering sometimes very different versions of this dark superhero. This is the case with the Red Rain trilogy. In this series, Bruce Wayne investigates murders where the victims have all had their throats slit. Very quickly, he is contacted by Tanya, a renegade vampire who tells him that it is the work of Dracula and his family who intends to take Gotham by force. Tanya asks for Batman’s help, because having been created by Dracula, she cannot resist his psychic powers. But during the course of the story, she also bites Bruce Wayne and makes him a vampire. This is very useful for him to fight Dracula but he will eventually lose all traces of his humanity and his identity as Bruce Wayne at the end of the fight, being only Batman.


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