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Wonder woman chase (DC Comics Bombshells)

Wonder woman in sepia

Funko chose to represent her in sepia colors for this chase version of the Wonder Woman figurine, which fits quite well with the era she represents. As on her classic figure, she wears very short shorts with a high waist and a belt representing an eagle and a small blouse, also with an eagle motif. She is wearing her famous boots with stars and she is standing with her hands on her hips, holding her lasso of truth at her waist. Around her wrists, she wears two identical golden bracelets. At the head, she wears a typical pin-up fringe and her hair is held back with a scarf.


A princess to the rescue of humanity

Wonder woman is one of the most famous super heroines of the DC Comics universe. Warrior princess of an alien civilization, Diana has many powers: an extraordinary strength and agility, heightened senses and she also has many gadgets that allow her to fight evil. Wonder Woman has had her own adventures but has also participated in the Justice League with Batman, Superman, Flash or Aquaman. Here, it is the bombshells version that is represented. These comics are inspired by a series of figurines representing a number of DC heroines in Pin-Up version of the 40’s.


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