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Aquaman (Batman VS Superman)

A warrior Aquaman and less colorful

If it takes back some important visual elements of the character, this new version of the character is definitely more modern. We find the green and golden colors of his costume but it is much less covering. His chest is naked and almost covered with tribal tattoos. On the head, we recognize his imposing hair and his beard as well as the small scar in the eyebrow which is the trademark of the actor who plays him, Jason Momoa. Finally, he holds his trident in his right hand.


The King Under the Sea

Aquaman is one of the characters from the movie Batman VS Superman. This movie by Zach Snyder is inspired by the comic book of the same name from DC Comics. This episode will see the confrontation of the two most famous DC heroes. The presence of the character in this movie will be weak but it will allow to introduce him for the movie Aquaman planned for 2018.


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