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The Penguin Impopster (Batman)

An aristocratic Batman

Like the other Impopsters figures, this one is not inspired by any existing movie or comic but was created directly by Funko. We find the classic Batman silhouette with his tight suit, his cape and his bat mask but his outfit is entirely in penguin colors. His suit is decorated with a purple and black striped tuxedo pattern with a bow tie at the neck. His cape is lined with purple and his mask matches. Over his mask, he also wears a monocle, one of the attributes of the Penguin.


A very elegant Batman

The Penguin is a famous villain of the DC Comics universe and mainly an enemy of Batman. His real name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot and he comes from an aristocratic family that has always been opposed to Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) family. Nicknamed the Penguin since his childhood because of his small size, his corpulence and his hooked nose, he quickly became an outcast in high society. He then decided to use his intelligence to become a criminal genius and became one of the great gang leaders of Gotham City.


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