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The Flash Holiday Dash (DC Comics)

A good explanation for Santa

For the new series of festive figures, Funko decided to represent The Flash as a Christmas reindeer. He wears as always his tight red suit with yellow boots and the little wings on the side of his head. He is shown running with lightning bolts coming from his feet. His nose is red like Santa’s famous reindeer and he is wearing antlers and reindeer ears on the top of his head. Finally, he is carrying a big green and red bag probably filled with presents.


The Fastest Hero

The Flash is one of the most famous superheroes of DC Comics. If it corresponds to several different characters, the most known is Barry Allen. He works for the Central City Crime Lab when he is struck by lightning while handling chemicals (in later versions, he is injured in an accident near a particle gas pedal). In any case, this gave him an uncommon speed that could exceed the speed of sound and, by vibrating his molecules very quickly, the ability to pass through matter.


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