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Harley Quinn Mad Love (DC Comics)

Sexy in all circumstances

Funko has represented Harley Quinn here as we see her in one of the scenes of the comics, wearing a sexy babydoll but keeping her Harlequin hat. This nightie is red and short with frills on the bottom and on the edge on top. She stands in a sexy pose with one hand on her chest and another raised. At the head level, we find the white makeup on her face, the black mask and especially her Harlequin hat with pompoms.


The origins of a mystery

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular characters in the DC Comics universe. First discovered as an enemy in the Batman comics, her personality and unique sense of humor have made her a fan favorite and spawned numerous comics centered solely on her. The Mad Love comics look back at the character’s childhood and origin until her encounter with the Joker. As a child, she saw her father being beaten up by thugs before being arrested and fled to the only safe haven she knew, the carnival where she was chased by those same thugs. Years later, thanks to her perseverance and intelligence, she became the head psychiatrist of the Arkham Asylum psychiatric hospital. But then she met one of her most dangerous and charismatic patients, the Joker, who brought up a lot of feelings and was the trigger for Harleen Quinzel’s transformation into Harley Quinn.


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