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Two-Face Impopster (Batman)

A triple Batman

Funko did not take inspiration from an existing comic book for this series of Impopsters, but created its own line of figures. For each one, it’s a mix of Batman’s silhouette and the style of one of his enemies. We find the tight-fitting suit of Batman and his bat mask but in the colors of Two-Face. As in the comics, his outfit is always cut in two as his face. On the left, we find an orange and black outfit and a normal face, on the other a blue striped outfit, a glove, a boot and half a purple mask. It is also on this side that we find his disfigured face and his mouth twisted in an expression of rage.


Friend turned Enemy

Two-Face is one of Batman’s most famous enemies in the DC Comics universe. His real name is Harvey Dent, and he was originally a friend of Bruce Wayne. As a Gotham City prosecutor, he did everything, like Batman, to make the city safer and rid it of criminals. But one day he is attacked by one of these criminals and gets acid in his face, which partially disfigures him. This brings out his latent schizophrenia and he becomes one of the worst criminals, justifying his murders by the fact that justice is, in his opinion, inefficient.


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