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Scarecrow Impopster (Batman)

Scarecrow Batman

Like all the figures of this series, this one is not taken from a comic book but was directly created by Funko. It is a mix of Batman’s silhouette and the style of several of his famous enemies. We find the elements that make up the Batman silhouette such as the tight suit, the cape or the mask with bat ears. But this time, his clothes are beige or brown like Scarecrow. You can also see the stitching marks all over as well as the ominous smile created by an extra stitching.


A terrifying Batman

Scarecrow, whose real name is Jonathan Crane, is a famous enemy of Batman in the DC comics universe. As a child, he was nicknamed the Scarecrow by his classmates because of his nerdy style. Later, he became a professor of psychology and developed all kinds of drugs to control and exacerbate people’s phobias. He adopted a scary scarecrow costume after he started committing crimes. Later, he will be manipulated by the Penguin and his accomplice who will transform him into a monster able to naturally exhale the toxins he created in the laboratory.


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