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Batman Art Series (Batman)

An artistic version

Funko represented Batman for its new version of the character for its art series” using an existing mold for the figurine but decorated by an artist inspired by the personality of the character or his universe. Here we find the tight costume with the gloves and the cape floating in the wind as well as this famous mask with small bat ears. The figure is painted in black with the inside of his cape black and yellow patterns are represented on it like some kind of graffiti. We find terms used in comics like “force of good” or “dark knight” as he is sometimes called. Finally, we also find several versions of his logo in the form of a bat.


The darkest and most famous superhero

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of the DC Comics publishing house. Created in 1939, he quickly became one of the most popular superheroes of the publishing house. He has no superpowers, but having inherited a large fortune from his parents, he has at his disposal all sorts of gadgets, vehicles and weapons to fight crime in the imaginary city of Gotham City. He takes on a bat disguise and fights crime only at night. He is also distinguished by a darker and more violent universe than the other superheroes and he had the right to many different versions over the decades that followed.


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