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BB-8 Rise of the Skywalker (Star Wars)

A new look

BB-8 is represented here as we see him in the last movie of the Rise of the Skywalker trilogy. His body” is made of two balls, which allows him to move very fast. He is white with orange circles and at the level of his head, he has a kind of camera that forms an eye and an antenna on top. Finally, in the center of his body, one of his plates is open and lets appear the inside of his anatomy.


An adorable companion

BB-8 is the adorable little robot discovered at the beginning of the new Star Wars trilogy and replacing R2-D2 a bit. He works for the resistance and Poe Dameron entrusted him with the key containing the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker before being captured by the soldiers of the First Order. By chance, BB-8 found himself in the path of young Rey, who found herself unwillingly embroiled in the Resistance without knowing that she would learn that she is one of the last to master the force. In the following episodes, BB-8 will remain an important ally of the resistance.


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