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Varmik (Star Wars)

An unusual look

Despite the very secondary aspect of this character, his physique has marked the spirits and it is therefore probably the reason of the creation of this figurine by Funko. We find this body completely covered with beige hair except for the feet, hands and face. This one is gray and very finely reproduced by Funko. We can see the different reliefs of his face and his impressive teeth.


The criminal Hassk

Varmik is a very secondary character in the new movie of the saga Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He is a criminal of the Hassk race whose hairy physique and long teeth make him look a bit like a yeti. Han Solo, Rey and Finn will meet him when they try to go to Maz’s castle to meet Maz Kanata so that she can help them to find the base of the resistance.


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