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Behemoth (L?Etrange No?l de Monsieur Jack)

A remarkable physique

For this figure exclusive to the New York Comic Con 2016, Funko had represented this character quite rarely seen in figurine. We find his blue skin of zombie and the red around his eyes. He wears this famous blue overalls of gardener with bright yellow gloves, the only really colorful element of his outfit. His massive head is shaped a little differently from the usual pop figures and so is his pout and round nose. Finally, on the top of his head, you can see the axe that has been stuck in it as well as the rough seams made on his skull all around.

A non-talking character

Behemoth is a character from Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas, the famous Christmas and Halloween cartoon by Tim Burton. It focuses on Jack Skellington, a large skeleton with an elongated body and leader of the town’s Halloween festivities. As the big day approaches, he feels depressed without really knowing why. He goes for a walk in the forest and comes across Christmas town where everyone seems happy. He then decides to organize Christmas instead of Halloween and for that, he will kidnap Santa Claus to take his place and leave to distribute toys to the children by hoping that this one will return his happiness. Behemoth is one of the inhabitants of the Halloween village. He doesn’t have a very important role and speaks very little, the axe he has in his head having surely created damage in his brain.


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