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Jack with snowflake (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

Jack and the Snowflake

This Jack figure is an exclusive version for Hot Topic stores. It differs little from the classic version of Jack except that here he holds a clear plastic snowflake in his left hand. Jack is wearing his usual black and white striped tails suit and we can see the thinness of his skeleton legs. At the level of the head, his skin is of a very slightly greenish white, which corresponds well to a skeleton. We find his big black eyes and the eyebrows making him particularly expressive. His nose is hollowed out like that of all skeletons and of course we find his very big smile giving the air of being sewn on his face.

Jack discovers the snow

Jack Skellington is a strange skeleton living in clay and the hero of the famous animated film of the Disney studios imagined by Tim Burton, The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack. Jack is the master of the town’s Halloween festivities and as everyone gets ready to party, Jack is not really in the mood. He goes out of town to think and finds himself in the woods. While walking around he stumbles upon the snowy Christmas town. He sees that everyone is happy there and thinks that this might be the answer to his depression. He decides to organize Christmas instead of Halloween and kidnaps Santa Claus to take his place. But Sally, a little rag doll, trapped by the town’s mad scientist, knows that’s not it. She’s always been in love with Jack and will try to make him understand that it’s love that’s missing from his life.


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