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Belle garderobe (Beauty And The Beast)

In castle fashion

For this Target store exclusive figure, Funko decided to depict Belle in the outfit that the housekeeper transformed into a wardrobe tries to create for her. Following the fashion of the 18th century, the dress is not exactly sober. The skirt is very wide with many frills: gold and pink bangs and big pink bows. At the top, it is covered with pink fabric also covered with frills in pink tones with small bows everywhere. At the level of the head, we find her brown hair held slightly back and styled with pretty English.


Breaking the curse

Belle is one of the two central characters of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast and is inspired more by the Disney version than the original 18th century story. It tells the story of a young woman who goes to the castle of a prince who was cursed and condemned to look like a horrible beast, to free her father who was taken prisoner there. Belle, an intelligent young woman with a passion for reading, offers to become a servant at the castle in exchange for her father’s freedom. As the days go by, Belle and the Beast grow closer, thanks in part to their love of reading, and the castle’s inhabitants, themselves transformed into objects, perhaps see an opportunity to break the spell.


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