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Pepita supersized (Coco)

A magnificent spirit

Pepita is represented here in a super sized version of 15 cm and in glows in the dark, that is to say that the figurine glows in the dark. The body is a mix of a big cat in the front and an eagle in the back. On top of his head, he also has large ram horns, which adds to the impressive and ferocious side of the character. In terms of colors, he is particularly flamboyant with shades ranging from worm to turquoise with yellow features but also with orange on the underside of the body, red on the wings or a darker turquoise on the horns and yellow eyes.


A guardian spirit

Pepita is a character from the Disney cartoon Coco which takes place in the world of the dead in the Mexican tradition. Pepita is the guardian spirit of the Rivera family and more particularly of Imelda. He will help her when Miguel, the young boy who is alive and who accidentally finds himself in the world of the dead, refuses to follow her so that she can help him return to the world of the living before it’s too late. In addition to being able to fly and being strong, Pepita also has a highly developed sense of smell that allows her to easily follow the trail of young Miguel or any member of the Rivera family. When he passes into the world of the living, Pepita takes the form of a simple domestic cat.


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