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Berlin chase (La Casa De Papel)

Masked Berlin

For this chase version of the character, Funko represented him as the chase version of Tokio with one of the famous Dali masks that they wear during the robbery to protect their identity. He also wears a red suit with a zipper and big black boots. He also wears a watch on his left wrist and his hood to hide the back of his head. Finally, he also wears a simple holster containing his firearm.


The leader of the gang

Berlin is one of the main characters of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel. He is one of the eight criminals recruited by the professor to participate in one of the most ambitious robberies ever carried out in Spain. The idea is to enter the Madrid mint and lock themselves in with hostages in order to print hundreds of millions of untraceable bills. In order to keep a maximum of anonymity, the robbers are supposed to know each other only by their pseudonym, which is a city name for each of them. However, we learn later that Berlin is none other than the professor’s brother and that it was their father’s idea to rob the bank. Berlin is the designated leader of the gang inside the mint while the professor manages everything from the outside and communicates with the police, mainly trying to buy as much time as possible to give the gang time to prepare their escape and print as much money as possible.


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