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Berlin (La Casa De Papel)

A confusing character

Berlin is represented here with his robber’s outfit, the one worn by all the robbers but also by the hostages in order to fool the authorities. This outfit is a red jumpsuit with comfortable black boots and a zipper on the chest. He also wears a simple holster in which his pistol is stored and he wears a silver watch on his wrist. On the head, we find his short brown hair always styled in a very clean way towards the back of the head.


The leader

Berlin is one of the main characters of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel. Along with seven other criminals, he is recruited at the beginning of the series by the mysterious professor” to participate in one of the most ambitious robberies in history. The idea is to enter the national mint in Madrid, to take everyone by storm and stay there for more than ten days in order to print more than two billion euros of untraceable banknotes. No one uses their real name and each of the participants uses a city name as a pseudonym. While the professor will organize and monitor everything from the outside, Berlin will be the designated leader inside the money house. Like the others, he has nothing left to lose and for good reason, he suffers from a degenerative disease that gives him no more than six months to a year to live. He also has a confusing personality, sometimes very calm and with a will to be loved but he can also be very cold, violent and clearly lacks empathy, which will not fail to create conflict with some of the other robbers.


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