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Oslo (La Casa De Papel)

Like twins

Although they are only cousins, Helsinki and Oslo are so similar that one might think they are twins. Like him, Oslo has an impressive build and wears the red zip-up suit that all bank robbers wear. He also wears big black boots and holds one of the machine guns brought into the bank to make the hostages obey. At the level of the head, we find his big brown beard with some grey lines in it. On the other hand, unlike his brother, he doesn’t have a completely shaved head but a kind of small crest on the top of his head.


The other soldier

Oslo is one of the main characters of the series La Casa de Papel. The series is set in Spain and tells the story of the most ambitious heist in history. At the beginning of the series, Oslo is recruited with his cousin Helsinki by the mysterious Profesor”. The goal is to enter the mint in Madrid, take the employees and visitors hostage for more than ten days and then print more than two billion of their own untraceable banknotes before escaping. Everyone takes an alias based on the name of the city so that everyone knows as little as possible about each other in case of arrest. Oslo and Helsinki have fought in the war together and that is why they are recruited. They are the soldiers who will obey the orders of the professor and then, once inside, of Berlin, and also have good knowledge in terms of combat techniques and firearms. Once inside, things will unfortunately not go as planned for Oslo.


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