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El Profesor (La Casa De Papel)

A clever clown

For this new version of the professor, Funko has represented him with the clown outfit that he wears to go incognito at the hospital. He wears black pants with a red tails jacket with black polka dots and a ruffled shirt. At the head, his face is white with a red nose. He also wears an orange wig and steampunk style aviator glasses to hide his face. He also wears a black top hat. In his hand, he holds the rabbit stuffed animal with a camera in its eye that he is going to give to a little boy so that he is the one who goes to check if the inspector is really waking up or if it was, as he thought, a trap.


The mastermind of the operation

The profesor is the character behind the spectacular robbery told in the Spanish series La Casa de Papel. We learn later that the idea actually comes from his father, himself a robber shot by the police years before, but he is the one who set up all the technical means and refined the plan. The goal is to enter the National Mint in Madrid and lock himself and the hostages in order to print more than two billion of their own untraceable bills. To do this, he recruits eight criminals, each with their own specialty, while he directs the operation from the outside, talking with the negotiator to gain time and lead them on false leads. On several occasions, he will also have to improvise to prevent the police from tracing him or the robbers or when exceptional situations arise. This will be the case when the inspector who had found incriminating clues has a car accident and finds himself in a coma. When the police announce that he is going to wake up, the professor will have to use his imagination in order to verify if this is true or not.


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