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Beth Harmon Final Game (The Queen’s Gambit)

A calmed Beth

Beth is shown here at the end of the series just after having won the tournament in Russia. She is wearing a typical 60’s white outfit, consisting of pants, heels and a wool coat with big buttons. On her head, she wears a white beret over her characteristic red hair cut in a bob.


The Ultimate Winner

Beth Harmon is the chess prodigy and heroine of The Queen’s Gambit series. Beth had a difficult start in life as she ended up in an orphanage when her depressed mother committed suicide and tried to take Beth with her. It was there, however, that she learned chess from a maintenance man and quickly proved to be very talented. When she was adopted at the age of fifteen, she was able to enter her first tournaments and soon won them all. Her adoptive mother encouraged her a lot while her adoptive father took the opportunity to leave. But over the years, with the death of her adoptive mother due to alcohol abuse, Beth, caught up in her sad past, sank into addiction, to pills (which she was made to take at the orphanage to keep her calm) and to alcohol. She will need the help of her friends to get out of it in order to be ready for the most important tournament of her life against the Russian master who had beaten her in Paris a few years earlier.


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