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Beth Harmon with trophies (The Queen’s Gambit)

A New World

Beth is shown here as a teenager winning her first national tournament. She is pictured for a chess magazine holding her trophies in her hands. She is still wearing one of the little girl’s dresses she was taught at the orphanage, a blue dress with a small white collar and short sleeves as well as white shoes and high socks. On the head, her red hair is cut in a square with a fringe as she was cut in the orphanage.


A young prodigy

Beth Harmon is the heroine of the series The Queen’s Gambit. This young woman had a difficult start in life when her father abandoned them and her depressed mother committed suicide. Beth ends up in a strict religious orphanage where children are given pills to keep them calm. There she meets a handyman who plays chess in the basement and agrees to teach her. She soon proved to be very talented and at the age of ten even found herself playing against the members of her chess club and beating everyone. She was adopted when she was fifteen and managed to pay her way into her first chess tournament, during which she beat the regional champion. Soon her adoptive mother recognized her potential and began accompanying her to tournaments across the United States where she gained more and more notoriety before she even came of age.


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