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Big Daddy (Bioshock)

Typical Steampunk robots

As in the game, the big daddies look like divers from a Jules Verne book. Given their imposing size, Funko made them super-sized figures of 15 cm. We find this basic green costume covered in large part with a metal frame. He wears golden boots and gloves but we find this huge piece of armor that covers both his torso and his head. On top we find taps, screws and his right arm is replaced by an impressive metal drill.


The protector

Big Daddy is a character from the first opus of the famous video game Bioshock. It tells the story of Jack, a pilot whose plane crashes at sea in the 60s. He finds himself on a small island where he picks up strange radio messages about the underground city of Rapture. While sinking in a secret passage, he discovers the city of Rapture and must choose which of the messages he will trust. Two of them mention the little sisters, little girls infected by a parasite. One of them asks Jack to spare them and give them time to find a cure. These little sisters are protected by strange big steampunk looking robots called Big Daddy.


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