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Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite)

A typical look at the beginning of the 20th century

Like Elizabeth, Booker has a typical look of the 1910s. We find his striped pants as well as his elegant shirt with rolled up sleeves bordered with white. He also wears his jacket and his red tie tied in a cowboy style. At the level of the head, one finds well his very light beard as well as his haircut very characteristic of the time. Finally, he holds in his bandaged hand his rifle with a typical Steampunk golden stock.


The private detective

Booker DeWitt is the character played by the player in the video game Bioshock Infinite. Booker is a private detective hired to find Elizabeth, a young woman who has been missing for fifteen years. She lives in Columbia, a city created by the United States and maintained in the sky by a very innovative energy. The city having been abandoned by the government, in 1910 it falls into the hands of various disreputable businessmen or religious leaders. Elizabeth is the illegitimate daughter of one of them and she possesses strange powers.


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