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Birdperson (Rick and Morty)

A typical Rick and Morty character

In a style very characteristic of the series, Birdperson has a rather ungainly physique. We find his slightly yellow skin, his belly and his big nose. He wears a kind of bird costume with a loincloth, boots and gloves lined with feathers, a kind of cape in the shape of wings and a helmet forming a bird’s head.


A funny superhero

Birdperson is a parody of superheroes in the animated series Rick and Morty being itself a trashy parody of Back to the Future telling the adventures in time and dimensions of Rick, an old disillusioned scientist and his grandson Morty. Birdperson is Rick’s best friend for whom he has great respect and he is often there to settle conflicts between him and his grandson. He was, at one time, part of a group with Rick and their friend Squanchy.


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