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weaponized Rick (Rick and Morty)

Rick with a gun

During their various travels, Rick often had the opportunity to collect advanced weapons and it is with one of them that he is represented on this figurine. He is still wearing the same brown pants, gray shoes, blue sweater and white coat but in his arms he is also holding an imposing laser rifle. On the head, we can see his unibrow and his hair in spikes and a malevolent expression is represented on his face.


A mean old man

Rick is the genius but slightly crazy, alcoholic and disillusioned scientist from the adult animated series Rick and Morty. He lives with his daughter and her husband and two children Morty and Summer. Thanks to his flying car and his knowledge of inter-dimensional portals, he regularly leaves to visit other planets and dimensions with his grandson Morty, a naive and nice boy who contrasts well with the evil character of his grandfather.


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