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Jerry (Rick and Morty)

Jerry and Rick’s Inventions

Jerry is shown here wearing the clothes he wears most of the time: light blue jeans with black shoes and a green t-shirt with a brown stripe. His face is shown with a happy and enthusiastic expression as it is often the case in the series. Finally, he holds in his hands one of Rick’s inventions: the Meeseeks box, a box that summons creatures from planets on the other side of the galaxy whose only purpose is to complete the tasks given to them before disappearing once the task is done.


A father a little lost

Jerry is the father of the Smith family in the famous animated series for adults Rick and Morty. He is Beth’s husband and Morty and Summer’s father. Even though he is basically full of good intentions, his self-centered tendency often makes him make bad decisions. His relationship with his wife is particularly complicated since her father-in-law Rick, an alcoholic and disillusioned genius scientist, lives with them. Indeed, this one has never had anything but contempt for Jerry and that does not help his relationship with his wife. In season 3, Beth will eventually ask for a divorce and Jerry will be forced to leave the house.


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